A fun experience!

A fun experience!

Learn with very experience teachers who believe it takes fun and enjoyment to learn well.
Make new friends with others who love to dance and have fun.

Based in London Salsa4Fun offers Salsa classes.

Focusing only on social dancing skills and setting standards.

Our goal is to provide a rewarding and fun learning experience for all of our students. Our patient and dedicated instructors, under the direction of Super Mario, will teach you proper technique, excellent leading and following skills and musicality in a challenging, yet encouraging environment. We want you to be able to dance anywhere, with anyone, with confidence and to leave your class and the dance floor feeling great!

Our Instructors are highly trained. They are among the best in London and the world. They have extensive training in communications skills, teaching methodology and various Salsa dance styles. They know how to run classes efficiently, treat students with respect and are always patient and encouraging. Best of all, they are fun and energetic, so you will be sure to have a joyous time.

We feel that dancing should not only look good, but feel good too. We have a clear and concise and easy to follow structure in our lessons to help you gain confidence and the best understanding possible. We want you to be the most sought after dancer on the floor, when you social dance.

No matter what walk of life you're from, this is for you. FUN, FUN, FUN is the name of the game, and, the academy (Salsa 4 Fun), that's what we can provide for you, while you are learning the beautiful art of Latin Dancing.

Setting new foundations for 25 years.

  • All of our studio courses are taught on Sprung Floor, Air Conditioned Rooms and include mirrors
  • A dance syllabus designed by Super Mario and refined by 25 years of worldwide teaching experience
  • A dance syllabus that is progressive, comprehensive and effective
  • A learning environment that is encouraging, fulfilling and fun
  • No partner necessary. Everyone rotates partners throughout the lesson
  • Highly qualified and trained Instructors that are patient, dedicated and passionate about dancing and teaching
  • Dance training for both the recreational dancer as well as the aspiring professional dancer
  • Absolute Beginners to Advanced levels & Master Classes

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